Our Company

The company “A. XESTERNOU & Co, G.P” was founded in 1992 aiming primarily in the occupancy of liquid fuels stations, always focusing on professional ethics, honesty, top quality services and respect to our clients.

Being motivated by our dedication to cars and our profound love for Greece, a country visited my millions of people from around the world, we started our car rental business.

We also aim to focus on the rental of professional trucks that can be driven by owners of a B-category amateur driving license not only for the individuals that occasionally need it but also for the professionals whose limited time requires instant and effective solutions.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your needs, no matter what category of consumer you belong to.

We promise you that we will listen carefully to your needs and you will enjoy our services.

Our Philosophy

“Never start a job, a battle or a relationship if the fear of losing overshadows the prospect of success.”