GPS & child safety seats

On the basis of top quality services CARVANRENT offers and setting road security as the first and foremost priority, you are provided with the following services of massive importance.
We give you the option of renting a GPS navigator so that you can drive safely in the roads of Athens and reach your destination effortlessly and stress-free.

You can ask for the device when you make your booking, so that it will be available when you pick up the vehicle.

A GPS navigator will give you the opportunity to visit long-distance locations like the picturesque port of Porto Germeno or the traditional village of Vilia in West Attica.

You will be able to enjoy the trip and the nature without worrying about reaching your destination.

Furthermore, our company offers child safety seats free of charge for families with children. Keep in mind that it is essential that you inform us about this extra feature when you book your vehicle.

In CARVANRENT we strongly believe in the high quality of service and our primary aim is that you enjoy your stay in the beautiful city of Athens.

We just provide you with the safety and the services that will contribute to a pleasant and safe drive.